The DECCO Learning Engine will transform Digital Creative Optimisation (DCO) by seeking out and retaining the highest value consumers. Firstly we take your creative content, next we use our unique and ever developing algorithms to constantly fine tune your digital media and email communication, getting you the best ROI. Based on target consumers digital behavior and relevant influencing factors, DECCO builds hyper-personalised ever improving creatives - this is done 24/7, on the fly and in the blink of an eye.

DECCO can also become part of your GDPR strategy to re-permission your database by utilising the digital display channel and using our learning engine to seek out your consumers and find mirror profiles. Typically, brands are limited to sending a finite number of emails to their consumers, only capturing a fraction of their attention. However, your target audience is digitally engaged many hours a day, offering you more opportunities to convert and re-permission your database for GDPR compliance. DECCO enables this by finding your customers in real time and predicting the most cost effective way to convert them using online display advertising.

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DECCO is a learning engine that takes DCO and Email to a higher level and can hyper-personalise your marketing communication making it incredibly targeted.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques combined with third party data, your owned first party profiles or second party data, DECCO can target identified profiles and also seek out mirror consumers displaying the same behaviours as your high worth customers.


DECCO improves the effectiveness of your communication by giving consumers the content they want to see – this leads to higher engagement, interaction and sales.

Media spend is more highly tuned with more budget spent targeting higher worth consumers. Whatever your required conversion metric DECCO will improve the hit rate.



Typically digital display banners or emails are delivered through a Demand Side Platform (DSP) or Email Service Provider (ESP). Based on the performance of the campaign, marketing communication can be infinitely improved and developed using the DECCO learning engine in real time 24/7.


DECCO improves digital display campaigns by doing more analysis, more quickly to find higher value consumers and keep them by offering them more relevant and effective content. An infinite number of display advertisements can be built from the campaign content library.

DECCO for Email

The DECCO learning engine works just as well in the world of email and thrives in this arena where your consumer behavioural data can be combined with information such as geo-location, weather, time or season, to develop highly targeted communication. Emails are built from your creative content library in a few milliseconds at time of opening as opposed to time of delivery - ensuring they are 100% relevant to outside factors (e.g. time or day).


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